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Saturday, June 2, 2018

Fwd: How To Test If Your Online Business Will Make Any Money

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The light bulb came on.


You just got an online business idea that'll change everything. A way to convert your passion or skill set into money, so you can finally quit your job, become your own boss and live the laptop lifestyle.


You don't want to waste any time or doubt might set in, so you move as quickly as you can. You pour money into website design and start creating content for your online business. You even have products lined up for the stream of orders you'll get once you launch.


"People have to buy." You say to yourself, your idea is just too good. Then a week later you setup Ad campaigns online and launch.


The visitors drip in slowly at first and just when you expect purchases to start going up, you get nothing. You change your website design and reduce the price of your products. Then you wait some more.


A week, a month, still nothing. Realization starts to creep in. No one wants what you're selling.


You aren't alone…

Anyone that's ever tried to sell something online has probably had this experience before.


Discovering that no one wants what you're offering is painful, especially after you've dedicated so much time and money into setting it up. To save you the trouble and heartache, this post shows you how to quickly and cheaply test if your online business has any chance of making money... Read the rest of the article here.

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