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Friday, April 27, 2018

Fwd: [New Episode] Syndication & Finding the Right Out of State Market w/Andrew Cushman

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Investors have several options to raise money for bigger investments. What is syndication, and why does it work so well? How do you determine which out of state market is right to invest in when you don't live there? How can you find out if a market has the resilience to remain stable during a recession? On this episode, investor Andrew Cushman shares how he raises money through syndication and explains the details of the process. 

Featured Episode:

Syndication & Finding the Right Out of State Market w/Andrew Cushman 

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Takeaways + Tactics  
  • Syndication is basically pooling together people's money so that you can share in a benefit that you otherwise wouldn't be able to generate or receive separately.
  • It's tough to raise money if you're unsure about how long you're going to hold a property. You must have a specific plan. 
  • Look for economic drivers in the market that are recession-insulated. This could be universities, military, or medical centers.  

If you can, buy a property that cashflows well and hold onto it for a while. This is especially true in multi-family properties. As long as you can cashflow, you can pretty much ride out anything. If you hold that real estate long enough, it will pay itself off. Invest with a plan, and you will come out well.  

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